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Steam Wash

How Can This Help People who having sensitivity Against Chemicals or any odours inside the car?

Using Only water, no Shampoo, no chemical, steam wash is the perfect choice specially for people who are sensitive for Chemicals.

This system is used in healthcare facilities, the foods services industry, schools’ universities thanks to his benefits for Indoor Air Quality

Is the steam wash effective for Cars

Sure, by using high pressure the brake dust tough stain, grease especially under your car can be completely removed and cleaned quickly and safety.

Does it damage The Body Car?

It is safe on both the wax coating and ceramic paint. We are using the Steam Machine with a Micro fibre or terry towel; the tip of the spray gun is held 10 -15 cm away from the surface of the car. At this distance, the Steam Wash temperature is below 65~85℃ and will not cause damage to the Car body paint.

Car Disinfection

Which product is being used to disinfect the Car from inside? is it Safe?

We are using only natural and eco-friendly sanitizing and disinfecting products. Whether you want to disinfect your vehicle after a shopping trip to the market or to safely clean and disinfect company vehicles used for deliveries, our disinfection services will surely keep you, your family and your customers safe.

The product approved by Dubai Municipality.

How often shall I disinfect My Car?

Usually, it is advised to do it once per Week, as soon as you are using it for shopping, or having your pet inside.

Furthermore, it is well known that Ac Duct is the favorite place for bacteria and germs, for the best hygiene you shall also disinfect the whole area from Ac to Full Cabinet time to Time.

SERVUCE4U have the necessary range of product either for basic sanitizer or Full Disinfection Service.

The product used is it safe for interior Fabric or Leather?

The product used is non-corrosive & non-staining. However, for better result all items should be removed from Car while doing the service.

Oil Change

How often shall I change the Engine Oil?

It is a well-known fact that changing the engine oil on a regular basis, approximately every 10 000 km, is necessary for the life of the engine.

Which one is better for my Car Synthetic Oil or Mineral Oil?

Synthetic engine oils generally perform better than mineral engine oils in areas such as providing protection for your vehicle or added lubrication.

Why TOTAL Oil?

The product used is non-corrosive & non-staining. However, for better result all items should be removed from Car while doing the service.

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What is the difference between Oil Change & Engine Flushing?

Oil Change is necessary for the life of the engine. However, engine flush is necessary for the life of your car.

It is a deep Cleaning for the engine to dissolve accumulated sludge, tar, varnish and wear metals.

A clean engine means better performance, superior fuel economy and longer engine life.


What is the difference between, Car Waxing, Car Detailing and Car Polishing?

The Wax act as a barrier between your car’s clear coat and the bad element from environment like rain, dust, and other harmful element coming from air

Detailing is a thorough clean-up of the vehicle to make it as clean as possible, using a specific technical process and specific product.

The polishing is a part of a good-quality car detailing.

What can I expect from Ceramic Paint Protection done by Service4U?

We have teamed up with the best partner from USA & UK whose aim is to create the best car care products with a focus on protective coating. our professional and well-trained team brings you the highest technology to help you keep your car looking glossy and new by prolonging the life of your paintwork with an extreme hydrophobic finish.


How to find out the tyre size?

The size of a tyre is printed on the area known as the sidewall. When looking for the size, you will see that it is made up of a series of numbers and letters.

When Shall I change my Car tyres?

In UAE, it is recommended by RTA to replace tires no later than 5 years, or earlier if the remaining tread depth is below 1.6 mm at any part of the tire tread band.

It Can be replaced also if there are other signs of wear or damage, for example, cracks or cuts in the sidewall, parts, etc.

Shall I check the Age of tyre before buying?

It is mandatory to check out the date of the production of tyre before buying so you can find out the Age.

UAE regulations require passenger car tyres to be sold within 2 years of the date of their manufacture and changed within 5 years.

How to find out the Production date?

Every tyre has a batch number stamped as indicated on photo above.  Week Made and Year of Production.

Is it better to inflate tyre with Air or Nitrogen?

Inflating tires with Nitrogen instead of air can help to maintain pressure stability for longer periods.

Shall I Replace all 4 tyres at the same time?

It is highly recommended that all four tires be replaced at the same time to avoid mechanical damage.

If only two tires are replaced, it is recommended that the new tires be fitted to the rear axle for vehicle stability and safer handling.

Is it, Really, necessary to do tyre rotation periodically?

Front and rear tires may be rotated every 10 000 km or as advised by the vehicle manufacturer, to even out the wear.

To ensure safer driving as well, a wheel balance and alignment check at this time is recommended.