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As a one stop solution for your car care, SERVICE4U LLC also provides other services such as AC Gas Filling Battery Change, and Engine Flushing.

Battery Change

We deal with the best batteries on the market in terms of both quality and after sales service.

Amaron is the only battery on the market that contains the patented SilvenX which gives it its lasting power, making it one of the best brands available. It also comes with 18 months warranty. This is the Amaron difference – Amaron batteries are equal to the task. With an Amaron battery under your hood, you know that your car, jeep or SUV will start without a problem.

Engine Flushing

It is a well-known fact that changing the engine oil on a regular basis, approximately every 10 000 km, is necessary for the life of the engine. However, engine flush is necessary for the life of your car. Our expert oil change technician is readily available to advice you on the best solution and service to keep your car well maintained and on the right timing for engine flushing. We use Bilstein R-2000 Engine Flush System which cleans your engine by using patented adaptors and specially formulated solutions to dissolve accumulated sludge, tar, varnish and wear metals. This process is performed while the engine is off. A clean engine means better performance, superior fuel economy and longer engine life.

This system –

·        Restores engine efficiency with total safety

·        Extends engine life when done periodically

AC Gas Filling

Because of the UAE’s high temperatures, especially in summer, AC gas refilling is a very popular and requested service. Depending on how efficiently you use your AC, you should be refilling the gas every one or two years.

If your AC is not blowing cold air, this can be caused by –

  • A leak in your AC, or
  • The air conditioner is not installed correctly or not well maintained, or
  • A gas Leak

Our expert AC technician will advise you on the problem before refilling.


Whilst waiting for your car to be serviced and pampered, you can browse through our wide range of car accessories.